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On Tuesday, April 2, Mr. Alexis Liberovsky, the Archivist of the OCA, came to St. Tikhon's with his wife Zina.  In Dr. David Ford's America and Orthodoxy course, Mr. Liberovsky gave a fascinating, comprehensive presentation with slides on the history of Russian Orthodoxy in North America from the founding of the mission in Alaska in 1794 up to the present, with emphasis on the process leading up to and culminating in the bestowal of autocephaly to the OCA by the Patriarchate of Moscow in 1970.  
This presentation has been an annual event for the past ten years or so, and we look forward to his giving it again in the next rendition of the course one year from now.
Mr. Liberovsky also made a guest appearance in the Parish Administration/Canon Law course, adding to the discussion on a number of the 85 Apostolic Canons.
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