Student-Wives Fall Evening Education Series Begins - 10/23/07

On Tuesday evening of October 23, the Dean of St. Tikhon’s, Father Michael Dahulich, energetically kicked off the first in a series of Wives’ Evening Education classes designed specifically for student-wives and taught by seminary faculty.  This lecture, entitled, “Personality Types:  A Study of Factors that Effect Our Lives Daily and Unconsciously” focused on the classical philosophy of the temperaments.  Almost 20 student-wives participated in a detailed personality survey and energetic discussion as they learned how the four classic temperaments of choleric, sanguine, melancholic, and phlegmatic affect our spirituality and daily interactions with others.  Fr. Michael will apply these learned concepts to the marriage experience in greater depth in the second session of this course entitled, “Sharing the Strengths and Bearing the Weaknesses of our Spouse’s Temperament” on Monday, November 5.