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This July St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Seminary will open its doors to welcome the PaTRAM Institute for a second intensive workshop for church musicians. This year’s program boasts an exciting collaboration between PaTRAM and Blagovest Bells.


Vladimir Gorbik – PaTRAM Artistic Director, Choirmaster Moscow Podvorye of Holy Trinity-St. Sergius Lavra, Conducting Instructor (joining us virtually from Moscow)

Vladimir Morosan – Founder Musica Russica Rehearsal Technique Instructor, Congregational Singing Lecturer

Benedict Sheehan – Music Instructor St. Tikhon’s Monastery & Seminary, Conducting Instructor, Vocal Instructor

Mark Galperin – General Manager Blagovest Bells, Russian Orthodox Bells Lecturer

Constantine Stade – Bell Installation and Ringing Specialist, Russian Orthodox Bell Ringing Instructor


Training in this program will focus on techniques and materials specifically applicable to small choirs (e.g. from 2 to 8 singers) singing repertoire in English. This includes small ensemble vocal, conducting, and rehearsal techniques. These kinds of ensembles are certainly the norm in most parish situations, and leading and singing in them requires specific skills. Each participant will have the opportunity to be coached personally. Singers will be placed in one of several small ensembles, in which they will receive personal voice coaching in confident, yet sensitive ensemble singing. Conducting applicants, chosen by audition, will have private conducting coaching and will lead the small ensembles in the services that end the program.

Blagovest Bell’s participation in this year’s program will provide the unprecedented opportunity for intensive, one-on-one training in traditional Russian Orthodox bell ringing. Traditional bell ringing is often considered a luxury. However, when St. Innocent Veniaminov— America’s first Orthodox bishop (1840-1868)— traveled Alaska, he had with him a priest, a deacon, a subdeacon, a reader— and a bell ringer. Using the beautiful bells of St. Tikhon’s Monastery, and a mobile set of bells, the guest experts from Blagovest will train participants in the proper setup of Orthodox church bells, traditional ringing techniques, and the canonical peals. Bell ringing participants will also ring the peals in the services that end the program.

Our daily lecture and discussion series will include the fascinating topic of congregational singing. So many church musicians find themselves awash with enthusiastic singers in the congregation, but lacking in highly-trained and committed choir singers. Congregational singing is often the chosen solution to this situation. This year’s lectures will focus on the historical precedent for congregational singing, its efficacy as a liturgical music model, and how and when it is best undertaken. Participants will experience the incorporation of congregational singing in the services at the end of the program.

Participants will enjoy the elegance and convenience of the newly constructed Pioneer Plaza Best Western in nearby Carbondale, Pa. Daily dinners and lectures will be held in the Pioneer Plaza’s ballroom. And guests will enjoy their full breakfast buffet before heading to St. Tikhon’s for rehearsals and coaching.

Tuition costs:

Singers – $250

Conductors – $400

Bell-Ringers – $300

Auditors – $150

Room & Board: $435

Sunday-Friday nights stay at Pioneer Plaza Best Western (double occupancy)

All meals: breakfast buffet at hotel, lunches at St. Tikhon’s during workshop rehearsals, lecture dinners in ballroom, final brunch after Saturday liturgy.

To register follow the link here.


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