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St. Tikhon's Announces 2018 Vocations Retreat - 10/15/18

St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary will hold its annual Vocations Retreat on November 9-10, 2018. 

The title of the retreat is "Training Disciple-Makers: 'Am I Called to be a Priest?'"

Have you felt zeal at hearing the Great Commission, but wondered whether you had a true vocation to serve the Church in the Priesthood? Join a number of presenters as we explore vocational discernment and callings to serve the Holy Church.

The flyer for the retreat may be downloaded here.

To register, please contact Marshall M. Goodge, Administrative Assistant to the Dean, at, or by calling (570) 561-1818 x101. A full schedule will be announced in the coming days. 

St. Tikhon's Celebrates 80th Anniversary - 10/13/18

A gala celebration was held for the 80th Anniversary of St. Tikhon's Orthodox Theological Seminary, from Thursday to Saturday, October 11-13. Hundreds of members of the Seminary community worshipped, reminisced, and rejoiced together, giving thanks to God and to the Saints whose self-emptying labors and prayers have sanctified the grounds and sustained the mission of St. Tikhon’s Seminary for eight decades.

Following Vespers at St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church on Thursday, October 11, a reception in honor of the Seminary’s New Dean, Archpriest John Parker, was hosted at the Seminary’s Convocation Center – formerly the gymnasium, now being beautifully transformed. On Friday, October 12, following the Divine Liturgy and a breakfast hosted at the Seminary, a Symposium entitled “Where Saints Have Walked” was given at the Metropolitan Museum, in honor of the school’s anniversary. The Symposium featured presentations on the “History of St. Tikhon’s Through Liturgical Artifacts,” by Archpriest John Perich, and “Memories of St. Nicholai of Zhicha,” by Archpriests Daniel Ressetar, Eugene Pianovich, and Daniel Geeza, sharing their personal stories about the Saint who served as Seminary Rector in the 1950s until his repose in the Lord.

Father John Parker was formally installed as Dean of the Seminary on Friday afternoon, at a Molieben celebrated by His Beatitude, Metropolitan TIKHON, President of the Seminary. The Metropolitan also presented Father John with the Dean’s Cross – a beautiful jeweled pectoral cross which belonged to the former Dean
Archpriest Basil Stroyen six decades ago, and has been handed down to the past three
Seminary Deans.

On Friday evening, nearly 200 members of the St. Tikhon’s family gathered for a festive Banquet at the Hilton Hotel in Scranton, PA. Toastmaster Archpriest David Cowan, an alumnus of St. Tikhon’s, intoned prayers for the Seminary’s departed and living Trustees, administration, staff, faculty, benefactors, alumni, and students and their families.

In addition to greetings by Metropolitan Tikhon and His Eminence, Archbishop MICHAEL, the Seminary Rector, heartfelt remarks were offered at the Banquet by two other hierarchs. His Eminence, Archbishop ABEL of the Diocese of Lublin and Chelm, Orthodox Church of Poland, offered touching words about the spiritual inheritance he shares with St. Tikhon’s, serving in the same Diocese where St. Tikhon of Moscow served as a newly consecrated Bishop and where Archbishop KIPRIAN of blessed memory was born. His Grace, Bishop THOMAS of Charleston and the Mid-Atlantic (Antiochian Archdiocese), a Seminary Trustee, reflected on the profound joy he encounters when he visits St. Tikhon’s and witnesses the love and faithfulness with which the administration, staff, and students accomplish their labors and studies. A special presentation of flowers and an icon was given to His Beatitude, Metropolitan HERMAN, with words of gratitude for his seven decades of prayerful, tireless service to the theological school.

Also offering remarks at the Banquet were Michael G. Herzak, Sr., Chair of the Seminary Board of Trustees; Hieromonk Herman, Dean of St. Tikhon’s Monastery and Faculty member of the Seminary; and Seminary Dean Archpriest John Parker. The members of the Board of Trustees were honored for their tireless dedication to the school, most recently expressed in the purchase of additional real property for the future of the Seminary. The president and officers of the Fellowship of Orthodox Christians in America (FOCA) were recognized and thanked for the incredible generosity and vision of FOCA in initiating the Seminary’s Married Student Housing project, and raising over $300,000 to fund the housing, the first phase of which is complete. Archbishop Michael was presented by FOCA’s president and officers with gifts of new icons to be placed in the Married Student Housing apartments in the former Orphanage building. The St. Tikhon’s Century Association was also recognized for their steadfast financial and spiritual support of the Seminary; and their president and officers presented Metropolitan Tikhon and Metropolitan Herman with Lifetime Century Association Memberships.

Entertainment for the Banquet was provided by the Seminary’s resident rock band, Harry and the Dogmatix, comprised of faculty, alumni, students, and friends of St. Tikhon’s. The Alumni Association officers present were introduced and thanked for their continuing love and support for their beloved alma mater. Hearty thanks were expressed to Matushka Mary Wusylko, Chair of the 80th Anniversary Celebration, who coordinated the festivities, with much assistance from Seminary Chef Zena Parker, former Seminary staff member Mary Sernak, and Century Association Vice President Rosalie Luster.

The 80th Anniversary Celebration culminated on Saturday morning, October 13, with the Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, celebrated by Metropolitan Tikhon, at the St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church. His Beatitude awarded Father John Parker with the Kamilavka and elevated him to the dignity of Archpriest, the rank already bestowed upon him by the Holy Synod in honor of his many years of yeoman work in the Diocese of the South and as Chair of the OCA Department of Evangelization. Archbishop Michael offered the homily, and His Beatitude ordained seminarian Joseph Sharman to the Holy Diaconate. Seminary students, faculty, and alumni sang the responses. A celebratory luncheon followed the Liturgy, bringing the three-day event to a close.

A sense of deep joy and optimism permeated the festivities. Many generations of hierarchs, alumni, students, staff, and supporters of St. Tikhon’s Seminary were blessed with the opportunity to share old memories, forge new friendships, and rejoice together in all that St. Tikhon’s Seminary has meant in their spiritual journeys. May God grant that many, many more generations of faithful will make their spiritual home at this blessed place – where Saints have lived and walked and prayed and taught.

Photos by Seminarian Peter Kamilos. Additional Photos by Victor Lutes may be found here.

Newly Renovated "Dean's House" on Saint Tikhon's Road Welcomes Father John Parker and Matushka Jeanette - 09/27/18

As the trees of South Canaan surrender their summer boasting, the seed of 49 seminarians are humbled once again beneath the till of the Spirit for a new season of formation. “So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.” And while the same community of seed sleep and wake in the weekly cycle, and the seed sprouts and grows, Matt Remak and his humble crew of workers tirelessly cause “the earth [to] bringeth forth fruit of herself; first the blade, then the ear, after that the full corn in the ear.”  

For eleven consecutive days, Matt and his team had been working to renovate the newly purchased Diocesan Center on 144 Saint Tikhon’s Road (also known as the ‘blue house’) in preparation for the homecoming of STOTS Dean Father John Parker, and his Matushka Jeanette on Monday, September 24th. Matt and his crew had been laboring to ensure that the ‘blue house,’ which will now function as the Dean’s House, would become a most beautiful and suitable family home for years to come, “a place worthy to receive guests and special guests of the seminary,” Father John anticipates. “The Parkers are very grateful to the Board of Trustees who in their generosity purchased the blue house for the benefit of the seminary.”

Renovations on the 6,500 square foot Dean’s House are extensive. A team of eight workers ripped out all of the carpets, and installed top-grade, high-traffic, scratch resistant laminate, while preserving all of the home’s tile flooring. Following Father John and Matushka’s request, the home’s walls, cabinets, doors, and closets were painted a beautiful aqua and gray by a group of nine workers, including Matt’s wife, son, and daughter.

In addition to the Dean's House, Matt Remak is also laboring diligently on a nearly complete renovation of the Orphanage building, which will function as four individual married student apartments, each with its kitchen, bathroom, shower and bath, and laundry room with washer and dryer. The walls are gutted and the space is emptied out in preparation to receive and send off incoming and future families for decades to come. As the seminarian families of Saint Tikhon’s Seminary may testify, uprooting from one place to another in response to God’s call carries with it the birth-pangs of change. After laying up their blessed Carolinian lives of ministry in moving trucks over the span of two days, Father John and Matushka Jeanette are blessed to experience the same labor of faith which each and every seminary family who are carried to Saint Tikhon's in humble obedience to God's invitation must undergo, an experience from which they will draw in their ministry to Saint Tikhon's seminaries from every walk of life. “The details of leaving 15+ years of ministry are complex, and sad, but filled also with joy, excitement, and anticipation,” Father John shared. “We remain grateful for everyone’s generosity and prayers to help us unpack and get settled. When we arrive, we will thank Matt and all of his workers who are working around the clock for eleven days in renovations. The joy is in the arriving– Matushka and I are eager to be with you."

Article by Seminarian Isaac Lampart

St. Tikhon's Seminary Announces 2018 Fall Lecture Series - 09/17/18

St. Tikhon's Seminary announces its annual Fall Lecture Series.  This year's series is focused on the Orthodox understanding of Scripture.  The series will run on Tuesday evenings:  October 16, 13 and 30, and November 6, beginning at 7pm in the seminary refectory.  You can download a flyer to post here.

Speakers and Presentation titles are as follows: 

October 16 at 7 PM — Fr. Lawrence Farley: “Gender in Genesis”

October 23 at 7 PM — Fr. Victor Gorodenchuk: "Six Days of Creation: Scientific Inquiry and Biblical Text."

October 30 at 7 PM — Dr. Justin Gohl: “Christ in the Proverbs”

November 6 at 7 PM — Dr. Mary Ford: “The Soul’s Longing: An Orthodox Perspective on Biblical Interpretation”

To indicate your interest in attending, please contact Marshall M. Goodge, Administrative Assistant to the Dean at

St. Tikhon's Celebrates Feast of the Cross with Metropolitan Tikhon - 09/14/18

For the Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross, the community of St. Tikhon’s monastery and seminary was blessed by the visitation of His Beatitude Tikhon, Archbishop of Washington and Metropolitan of all America and Canada, who celebrated both Vigil and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy in the monastery Church. Monks, Seminary staff, and students all served with the Metropolitan, including Hierodeacons Mark and David, 3rd year seminarian Deacons Timothy Kolb, Moses Locke, and Augustine Lewton, 2nd year subdeacon Herman
Garrison, as well as Subdeacon Roman Ostash. Hymns and responses were sung by the St. Tikhon’s Community Mixed Choir, directed by Rdr. Benedict Sheehan.

In a pastoral homily, His beatitude reminded all present of both the cosmic and the personal levels of grace in the feast of the cross, saying that “The cross, which we celebrate and exalt on this day, is above all the sign of God’s mercy towards us...Together as members of
the human race, we all receive God’s mercy. We have eternal life open to us… But each of us here has also received mercy individually. By whatever individual and unique path, we have each been privileged to enter the life of the Church, and having received mercy it calls to us in turn to offer this to others who come to us and to the Church looking for that same mercy. We are all commended to be servants of Christ, whatever our weaknesses, flaws, and sins, both voluntary and involuntary. The message of the cross is an encouragement to us as Christ’s flawed servants, because it reminds all of us that our Church life depends not on eloquence or wisdom, but on the power of God."

His beatitude also specifically exhorted and challenged the seminarian community (and all Christians) at the commencement of a new academic year: “For seminarians the study of theology is meant to be a rigorous preparation for the challenges of being a witness of the Gospel in an era when you will be rigorously questioned about your faith, and what you believe and practice, and why. Still, with all your good and faithful attention to learning, what people will be looking for will be a demonstration of the 'spirit in power', and this is the power of God that can only emerge from your own sense of weakness, your own sense of needing God’s mercy, forgiveness, and strength. The cross is our trophy and invincible weapon of peace, but being a follower of the cross means being willing to be regarded as foolish in a world that praises rationality and wisdom. The cross puts before each of us some hard questions: Am I prepared to be misunderstood? Am I prepared for mockery? Am I prepared to suffer for the sake of Christ? Am I prepared to pour my life out for others? Am I prepared to be identified as a follower of Christ crucified? Am I prepared to voluntary take up the cross? As seminarians you all know that to be a servant of the crucified Christ is a difficult thing. But you also know that it brings a joy unavailable anywhere else. That’s why you’re here. And that calling is one that is extended to every Christian.” 

Article by Seminarian John S. Parker

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