Livestream: Into All the World Teaching Them
June 30 - Livestream: Into All the World Teaching Them

Dear Friends and Benefactors of St Tikhon's,

One hundred-fifty three begins with one.
I write to ask you to be that one.
I have the blessing to introduce you to some *very great* Orthodox leaders and teachers, next week, on June 30, via Livestream on two channels:
You will meet:
  • His Eminence, Archbishop Makarios of Kenya, the head of the Makarios III Seminary in Nairobi, Kenya--and hear about his amazing journey, starting at 20 years old, with St Sophrony of Essex.

  • Fr MP George, a most humble and joy-filled priest of the Indian Orthodox Church, who teaches at the Seminary in India, as well as at St Tikhon’s.

  • Fr Paul Siladi, a delightful Romanian Orthodox priest, who teaches Missiology (Mission) on the Faculty of Theology at the University in Cluj, Romania.

  • Dr Jeffrey and Karen MacDonald--OCMC Missionaries in Albania.  Dr Jeff teaches Church HIstory at Shen Vlash, the seminary in Durres, Albania.

  • Fr John Chakos,  OCMC Missionary in Guatemala--with the most intriguing stories about the Orthodox Seminary in Guatemala, way, way out in the country.

  • Fr Teemu Toivonen, who teaches Pastoral Theology on the Orthodox Faculty in Joensuu, Finland.

  • Fr Bassam Nassif, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, St John of Damascus Orthodox Institute at the University of Balamand, Lebanon.

Hear the beautiful stories of these dear Orthodox Christians.  Enrich your life by learning about the joys and struggles where they serve.  Experience the interconnectedness of Orthodoxy across the globe.

In a sentence:

Visit Seminaries around the world, 

and sustain the one in your backyard.

If you are already a Sustainer of St Tikhon's (giving an automated, monthly gift to St Tikhon's)--Thank you!

If you are not:

Please become one right now. It will not take more than a few minutes of your time. A few minutes to be one on whom we can count to help form priests for the Orthodox Churches!

153 starts with 1.

We are casting our net onto the other side of the boat, hoping to "catch" 153 additional sustainers, with the coming feast of the Holy Apostles, through whom Jesus is drawing the world into His net.

Please be the first one of 153 by clicking HERE.

Click HERE to ask me, "Why 153?"

HERE is the poster--share it if you will.

Sign up now, and I'll send you a download--a beautiful song written and recorded by our dear friend and award-winning actor and recording artist, Jonathan Jackson.

To all who are already generous donors and faithful Sustainers, thank you all!

Yours gratefully in Christ,

Fr John Parker, Dean

PS: we need your help TODAY to reach our goal this week.  Please do so HERE.
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