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Bishops and Dioceses of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Period of Persecution, 1917-1955.

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Glorification - October 9

Troparion, Tone 1

Chosen by God in a turbulent time,
Thou didst glorify God in complete holiness;
And didst attain greatness through humility
And didst show forth the power of God through simplicity and piety;
Thou didst lay down thy life for the Church and her people,
O Holy Confessor and Patriarch, Father Tikhon,
Pray to Christ God with Whom thou wast also crucified //
That He may save our souls.

Kontakion, Tone 2

A gentle manner adorned thee,
Kindness and compassion thou didst show to those who repented.
Thou wast firm and unbending in confessing the Orthodox Faith
And zealous in loving the Lord.
O Holy Hierarch of Christ and Confessor Tikhon,
Pray for us that we may not be separated from the love of God,///
Which is of Christ Jesus, our King and Lord.


Repose - April 7

Troparion, Tone 1

Let us praise Tikhon, the Patriarch of All Russia,
And Enlightener of North America.
An ardent follower of the Apostolic Traditions,
And good pastor of the Church of Christ
Who was elected by Divine Providence,
And laid down his life for his sheep.
Let us sing to him with faith and hope,
And ask for his hierarchical intercessions:
Keep the Church in Russia in tranquility,
And the Church in North America in peace;
Gather her scattered children into one flock,
Bring to repentance those who have renounced the True Faith;
Preserve our lands fro civil strife, ///
And entreat God's peace for all people.

Kontakion, Tone 3

Today the assembly of New Martyrs
Stands together with us in the Church
And together we raise a festive song
Celebrating the incovering of the relics of our Hierarch Father Tikhon,
Who defeated the enemy and preserved the Faith
While protecting the flock entrusted to him.
For he ever prays for us all ///
That we never be deprived of the Love of God.



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