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Memory Eternal Matushka Mildred Kluchko - 01/26/15

Matushka Mildred Kluchko, wife of Archpriest John Kluchko (STOTS 1962), fell asleep in the Lord here on Monday, January 26, 2015.

Fondly known by many as “Millie,” she faithfully served the Church along side her husband for decades.  Their last parish assignment before Father John’s retirement was Holy Resurrection Church, Belle Vernon, PA.

Additional information and service times will be posted as they are received.

May Matushka Mildred’s memory be eternal!

(Announcement taken from

Memory Eternal Archpriest Paul White (STOTS 1970) - 01/25/15

On Sunday, January 25, Archpriest Paul White reposed in the Lord. Fr. Paul faithfully served the Church in America as Rector of St. Nicholas Church in Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. His Matushka, Pauline White reposed in the Lord in 2010.

Schedule of Services for the Newly-Departed Archpriest Paul White

Thursday, January 29 - Office of the Funeral for the Priest - 7:00pm

Friday, January 30 - Divine Liturgy for the Departed - 9:30am

followed by internment in Sts. Peter and Paul Cemetary, Centralia PA

All Divine Services will be held at

St. Nicholas Church
58 Seneca Street
Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania 19702

Seminary Gathers for Blessing to Begin New Semester - 01/14/15

On Wednesday, January 14, 2015 the members of the seminary administration, faculty, and student body gathered together to mark the beginning of the new spring semester and to bless the main seminary building. Later this week both men and women's dormitories will be blessed as well. The blessing service was offered by the Dean of the seminary, V. Rev Steven Voytovich, with the responses sung by all in attendance.



West Coast Tour Proves to be Tremendous Success - 01/12/15

Dean's Journal: Update from South Canaan

We returned home safely!  Thank you for your prayers aiding this happening.  Please take time to enjoy further photos that are still being posted from our trip.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who offered time, talent, and treasure to make this trip happen.  Please do not read the list as hierarchical in terms of significance:  that those near the top of the list gave more than those appearing further onward.

Thank you to:

  • Bishop Michael for his blessing as Rector for us to undertake this trip.

  • All our seminarians who took time from their winter break schedules to make this trip!  In particular:  JJ for doing most the 1500 miles of driving, Mikel for doing the lion’s share of choir directing, and Andrew for taking most of the photos that have been posted.  It should be noted that most of our Mission Choir seminarians have completed one semester of studies before making this trip!  It was wonderful to see our seminarians skills shine forth in various ways as we made this trip, visiting parishes in at least four different jurisdictions!

  • LOVES Van Program from our OCA Los Angeles Cathedral who offered their van to transport us to all our appointed rounds.

  • Fr. Michael Tassos for all of his efforts to coordinate our schedule in California, and for his Parish of St. Luke’s Antiochian Church, in Garden Grove, for hosting us for a significant portion of our trip as we arrived and between other stops.  You opened your church office for our use (thank you Anna for all your help!), offered several meals while we prepared for our visit, and for the kindness of your office staff and parishioners.  The closing barbeque was wonderful with Anna and her family!

  • Alll the parishes willing to host the Mission Choir.  Thank you to all who offered their homes for us to stay in who were so generous in terms of hospitality!  Thank you to Archpriest Alexander Federoff of St. Johh of Damascus Church, Poway, Archpriest Nicholas Boldireff of Holy Virgin Mary Cathedral in Los Angeles, and Fr. Simeon Corona of St. Greogory of Nyssa in El Cajon for wonderful meals in the context of our visits!  It was great to meet the newly consecrated Bishop Apostolos at St. Gregory’s Church.

  • Fr. Yousuf Rassam for not only hosting the mission choir at St. Innocent in Tarzana, including a wonderful steak dinner on the Theophany Feast, but also for providing a place for our alumni gathering that occurred during our visit and reaching out to area alumni.

  • Fr. Sergius, the Monastery brotherhood, and everyone at the seminary for praying for us during our trip.

  • Christopher Patton for diligently posting our photos and updates from the road so that so many could follow us on our trip.  He also pulled together promotional materials we took with us.

  • Sophia Pierce for taking care of all our packaging needs including printing out address labels for our trips out and back.  Also, Sophia processed all the letters I sent her while on the road so that most of you should have received acknowledgements of your donations by the time this update is posted!  Thank you to her husband Michael for driving us to/from the Philadelphia Airport.

  • Benedict Sheehan for the skype session at the beginning of our trip.  Our seminarians had been on break, so with his assistance we got ourselves together as a singing group on the Saturday of our arrival. Benedict directed Theophany Services at St. Tikhon’s Monastery Church so that they would be celebrated well.

  • Archbishop Benjamin for his prayers along with Bishop Apostolos, and clergy gathered  as we celebrated the Great Blessing of Waters in La Jolla Cove, and later Vespers.

  • Archpriest Dennis Swencki for all of his efforts to contact the local clergy to arrange for this visit.  His efforts began early this fall, and included very regular communications with Fr. Michael Tassos during our visit.

  • Thank you to all who were so gracious in various ways as we visited a number of churches in the San Francisco area as we sought to visit St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco.

  • For our St. Tikhon’s Bookstore for furnishing the brochures that we distributed during our tour.  Hopefully you have received many orders as so many were looking for cd’s!

  • For anyone I have inadvertently forgotten to list here, please know of our heartfelt gratitude!  Thanks be to God for all things! 

    Thanks be to God for all things!


Alumni Update: Alaska Region Meets for Alumni Regional Gathering - 01/05/15

Several alumni of St. Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary gathered together at St. Herman’s Antiochian Orthodox Church to celebrate the patronal feast of St. Herman of Alaska on Saturday, December 13, 2014. Fr. Matthew Howell (STOTS 2011), pastor of St. Herman’s, welcomed His Grace David (STOTS 1997), Bishop of the Diocese of Alaska, as well as Fr. Vasili Hillhouse (STOTS 2007) and Abraham Labrada Santiago (STOTS 2011). Pictured are the four Alumni with an icon of St. David of Wales, which was presented to the parish by His Grace Bishop David.

Reserve Your Place in this Year's Tikhonaire! - 01/01/15

This year the St. Tikhon’s Community remembers the holy and exemplary life of

His Eminence Metropolitan Leonty (Turkevich)

In commemoration of the 50th Anniversary of his repose, St. Tikhon’s Seminary will be hosting an Academic Symposium May 14, 2015 honoring the life and work of this beloved servant of God who will also be featured in this year’s Tikhonaire.

Please consider supporting this historically rich publication with a sponsorship ad.

All proceeds for advertisements will go directly toward the printing of this year’s Tikhonaire and include the shipping cost of your complimentary copy of the publication. As an added bonus the Tikhonaire is now made available online at the Seminary website ( where it will be viewed by the thousands of people who visit the website every week.

Each year loyal supporters reconfirm their commitment to ensure the long-term sustainability of the St. Tikhon’s Community. That is because the story of each of our lives has been joined unalterably to the story of this most holy place where saints have lived and walked, and prayed and taught.

Please accept our invitation to once again join the story of your life to the story of our life so that together we might have the opportunity to share the story of us with the world.

Please keep in mind that Tikhonaire ads must be recieved this year by April 10th. 

You can now reserve your place online by completing the form below. There is no



Orthodox Christian Journal Highlights Recent Efforts for St. Tikhon's Married Student Housing - 12/29/14

The most recent Orthodox Christian Journal features several articles on the recent efforts to fund St. Tikhon's Married Student Housing. Included is an article describing the efforts of  stots alumnus Fr. Joseph McCartney (STOTS 2010) whose "Run for Married Student Housing" raised a little over $20,000 this past year.  The feature article was written by Board of Trusttee Member and project spokesman Dn. Mark Hoeplinger whose matching grant for Fr. McCartney's effort brings the total to just over $40,000 raised for this one project.

In the article Dn. Mark explains why the Married Student Housing Project has become for him the single most important effort in his life and why he has chosen to champion this cause on behalf of St. Tikhon's. Dn. Mark goes on to explain why this effort should be important to everyone in the Church and what each individual can do to help.

The entire journal can be read free of charge here.

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